Intimacy between life and death

“Beyond reality and rational weights, we all crave an intimacy so strong, it can withstand life and death. Being reborn in a different age as a bird, maybe a butterfly, or just glyFFI4Hewwkjg0PvsNcWF0qbRUanother name and finding each other over and over again. A love so free it liberates its owners instead of chaining them. A love so strong, it can withstand an infinity of letting go. A connection so familiar one can understand the other by a simple gaze. It might be romantic or it might not, it can be whatever we want it to be, whatever our soul craves for. But, as we listen to them humming our favorite melody it will finally feel like home, the one we stay up imagining and sleep dreaming about.

And then u find a glimpse of what you have been searching for the whole of your life, and you just hold into it with all your hands like you hold into a rare flowers’ thorn. You17857720_1430706760336747_1527613554_n just don’t mind the pain, the passing time or the slowly overflowing warm blood out of your hands because you believe if you hold into it just a little bit more, a little bit more, all the thorn will be away -maybe hides inside your flesh, you don’t mind-. But time passes and the thorn just grows over and over again. And no matter how hard you try to contain them in your fists, they just find their way out of the flower again. And slowly your persistence vanishes bit by bit till you give up because you can’t stand the pain anymore. However, you look at your hands, they look ugly with scars and thorn inside. And what you thought was a glimpse of a dream turns to be a mirage of a mind only led to a deeper hole with a deeper pain.”

  • A joined short-story art work with the script writer & director Vidana AK who teaches me a secret about life’s beauty everyday. Thank you ❤

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